7 Tips for Managing Stress


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Do you ever feel like you’re being controlled by your stress, rather than being in control of your stress?

Maybe you’ve been told you need to lower your stress, but that sounds like a tall order and you’re not sure how to do it.

Or maybe stress seems inevitable and you know you can’t possibly make everything causing you stress to go away.

If you’re feeling stressed just trying to figure out how to not feel stressed, then this episode is for you!

Join Jordan as she shares 7 practical tips you can implement to simplify and enjoy your life (while kicking stress to the curb). You’ll learn:

  • How to form boundaries with technology
  • Why you should be prioritizing your sleep
  • How to create morning and night routines that are actually restorative
  • Practical ways to simplify your space
  • The importance of having passions that are just for fun
  • How to prioritize laughter in your life

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