#42 Open Science In Practice – The Scientist's Perspective


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Making the work of researchers open and accessible is nowadays a requirement from governments, financiers and scientific publishers worldwide. But wahat does it mean in practice ti work openly? In this episode we meet two researchers who have made open science their everyday practice. Researcher Nina Kirchner, Associate Professor of Glaciology at Stockholm University, and Director of Tarfala Research Station, spends several months each year in the northern parts of Sweden and in the Arctic to collect data from glaciers and mountain peaks. This research is important in the understanding of climate change, therefore Nina Kirchner and her researh team shares this data in repositories accessible by anyone. Open science is the practice also for ethologist John Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor at the Department of Zoology, and Teacher of the Year, who has a research interest in sexual selection and the evolution of reproductive behaviours. In the Department of Zoology open science is standard, with a rarely high rate of open data publications. In this episode they talk about their research, how they handle research data and what the incentives as well as the challenges might be to work openly. The podcast is in English. Find more episodes on open science (in Swedish) in our backlog, or at the website of Stockholm University Library. Please rate our podcast, and this episode in you pod app! Or contact us and let us know what you think: bakombokhyllan.sub@su.se

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