The Future of Tattoo Conventions 1 year later - Discussion Panel


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The Future of Tattoo Conventions Live Panel will feature Alex van Dutch of World Tattoo Events with special guests, Troy Timpel from USA • Villain Arts Tattoo Conventions / Paolo Core from Italy • Roma Tattoo Expo / Paulina & Victor from Mexico • Mexico Tattoo Convention / Kim Kloeth of the International Brussels Tattoo Convention / Pitou de Cézanne from France • Cezanne & Deauville Tattoo Conventions / and Martin McIver from UK • Tea Party, Goa, Galway and Big North Tattoo Conventions.

A year ago we did the first live panel, while almost all tattoo conventions on the planet got cancelled or postponed. We were still in the early phase of this new pandemic and we tried to forecast what would happen next for tattoo conventions.

Now after almost one and half year of dealing with this pandemic, some tattoo conventions in some countries are back to life. However the situation is still quite different in each country. With this live panel we will try to assess the situation in the countries from our speakers. This is to help all events participants and the general public to get a better understanding of what's really going on within our industry. And how to possibly move forward.

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