Delano Squires on the virtue of strong family life and responsible fatherhood


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In this episode, Ian and Nique are joined by Delano Squires — an Author at the Federalist and a long-time public servant. Delano shares how his growing faith journey and upbringing in an interconnected family from the West Indies have been center points of his journey as a writer. A computer engineering major in college, Delano was inspired to begin his writing career as the tragic murder of MVF NFL quarterback Steve McNair prompted him to reflect on how deeply the decisions of fathers affect their families. Since then, Delano has become increasingly convinced that human flourishing in America hinges on the revitalization of strong families and faith communities.

Of increasing concern to Delano is the tendency of elites today to “raise the ceiling while giving lip service to the floor.” Specifically, Delano laments how many elites project language of oppression and avoid discussing central challenges like fraying families and communities, even as they build strong and stable families in their own lives. Delano responds to this challenge by calling on men who care more about their communities than their public reputation to speak publicly about the importance of fatherhood. Tune in to the full episode to learn more about Delano’s story and hear his words of advice for “Darryl.”

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