The Invisible Men


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In the aftermath of Rodney King's assault by police officers in the 90s and his attackers' subsequent acquittal, Ian Rowe and Nique Fajors grew weary of a public narrative proclaiming that black men in America were doomed to failure under an oppressive system. A feeling of invisibleness struck both Ian and Nique as the stories of men like them became increasingly ignored in the public eye. So they launched “The Invisible Men,” a documentary telling the stories of amazing black men at Harvard University who had overcome structural barriers and achieved success. Today, Ian and Nique have resurrected “The Invisible Men” as a weekly podcast. Each week, they explore the stories of exceptional men who have built successful lives by leaning on the core principles of family, faith, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship. Integral to the story of “The Invisible Men” is “Darryl,” a 16 year-old black teenager Ian and Nique imagined in the original documentary, who lives in the urban city of “Forgotten, USA” and desires to build a better life for himself but sometimes feels that success is out of his reach. Ian and Nique asked each of the men in their original documentary to advise “Darryl” on how he can forge a path to excellence and empowerment. Join Ian and Nique today for episodes of “The Invisible Men” every week as they hear the stories of incredible men and learn what advice they have for “Darryl” in 2020!

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