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Stephanie Botts is the owner/founder of PosturePros, an ergonomic consulting company specializing in helping dental professionals. She has been practicing clinical dental hygiene for 13 years. Her kind and compassionate approach in ergonomics consulting has led her to help dental hygienists, dentists, and dental assistants work free of pain and enjoy life again!

Her mission is to gently remind her colleagues that putting themselves and their bodies’ health first is vital not only to a long and healthy career, but is also key to living life to the fullest!

Find Stephanie’s work at https://posturepros.net/

Up to date resources for Alaskan hygienists can be found at http://alaskadha.org/

Following up on ongoing discussions about ergonomics in dentistry, Stephanie Botts helps us understand how we can deeper understand our relationship to ourselves and our bodies in our work. Musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain are far too common in this industry and their prevention should be our top priority as healthy hygienists and dentists.

We cover some of these topics and much more:

  • What is dental school like in Alaska?
  • What is the best way to ask patients to adjust so that we can perform ergonomically?
  • How can hygienists advocate for our own health and mediate our own pain?
  • What is healthy neutral posture and is it the same for everyone?

Find Steph Botts online:

IG: @steph.posturepros

Website: https://posturepros.net/


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