#77 - @HollyAnneMitchell.NYC Massive Irreversible Action with Holly Anne Mitchell


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Holly Anne Mitchell is a speaker, coach and hypnotist in the dental industry. Her life can be summed up in two words: post-traumatic growth. Holly moved to New York City from rural Florida at the age of 18 with dreams of Broadway. From actress, to homeless, to dental C-suite, to struggling entrepreneur, after a crisis of burnout and existentialism, she found her way to hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming, forever changing her brain, and her life.

This was the catalyst to start her own business, the LeadWell Network. Holly trains dentists and their teams on mental health first aid, helping practices become more trauma aware, prevent suicide, burnout, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression with simple tools based in practical neuroscience. Holly regulates her own nervous system through songwriting, self-hypnosis, poetry, boxing, and long-distance running. She is a faculty member of the Dental Speakers Institute Fellowship program, and is excited to announce her first book "Try Self Hypnosis" will enter the world this summer. In her free time Holly is a singer/songwriter with her lifemate and bandmate Javier in Nashville.

For a free episode of Holly's online course and to preorder her book, visit TrySelfHypnosis.com

On this episode, we cover some of these topics and much more:

  • What is neuro-linguistic programming?
  • How can we identify and break out of patterns that hurt us?
  • Where can we find freedom in our schedule as hygienists?
  • How can I become comfortable with profound grief?
  • Have we finally found the cause of Irene’s hives?

Stay till the end to hear if Holly chooses Tooth or Dare!

Find Holly Anne Mitchell online:

Holly’s personal IG: @hollyannemitchell.nyc

Holly’s Dental Coaching & Strategy IG: @LeadWellNetwork

Website and Blog: https://www.leadwellnetwork.com/

Self-hypnosis Website: https://www.tryselfhypnosis.com/


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