Serverless Kubernetes without YAML


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An conversation with Patrik Dudits (@pdudits) about:
Sparc Workstation, then 486 computer, the Camel book at highschool, inspired by Kraftwerk, a Java Demo CD, CGI coldstart project, the XML publishing pipeline--the Apache Cocoon project, Xerces and Xalan with plain Java, the rotating cube applet, the Camel Book is about the Pearl language, from Pearl to Java, the "Write Once, Run Everywhere" cheating, working and learning in Kosice, building websites with Apache Cocoon, developing ABAP at SAP, ABAP and consistency, switching from ABAP to Java, using the Netweaver Application Server, Web Dynpro for web development, code generators rarely work in practice, low code and code generation, building electric vehicle charging station management system, OSGi, ActiveMQ and GlassFish 3, Glassfish ships with monitoring capabilities and admin console, replacing OSGi modules with EARs for faster starts, using JCA for socket communication, Raft and Paxos leader election pattern, blue green deployments with application servers, starting at Payara, attending workshops, starting at Payara, working on profiling, implementing Jakarta EE TCK build, starting to work on a cloud application server, an application server as kubernetes operator, Payara admin server starts Payara Micro instances, payara cloud without YAML, namespaces, projects and stages, applications in the same namespace can easily communicate with each other, Payara Cloud monitoring and metrics, Payara Cloud runs on AKS, exposing business metrics to Payara Cloud, custom DNS name registration, working on Payara Cloud API, Payara ships with openID connector

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