Modules Are Needed, But Not Easy


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An conversation with Ondrej Mihályi (@OndroMih) about:
last episode with Ondrej: Productive Clouds 2.0 with Serverless Jakarta EE, "Modularization, Monoliths, Micro Services, Clouds, Functions and Kubernetes" #151 episode with Matjaz Juric, modules are useful, but the tooling is not easy, using OSGi for User Interfaces, hybrid Java / JavaScript UI, build time and development time modularity, frontend and backend separation is important, business and presentation separation, Boundary Control Entity (BCE) pattern is permissive, strict modularization with WARs and JARs, logical over physical modules, JPMS for hiding internal implementation, modules are more important in teams as contracts, WARs as simple as AWS Lambdas, kubernetes and readiness probes, Elastic Beanstalk is similar to Payara Cloud, Payara Micro optimizations for Payara Cloud, redeployment without restarting the instances, Payara Micro Arquillian Container, hollow JAR approach and Payara Micro, Payara Micro could support native compilation in the future, Jakarta EE core profile and CDI lite, native compilation for resource reduction, Payara implements MicroProfile as early as soon,

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