FN Java, Java on Java and GraalVM features


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An airhacks.fm conversation with Shaun Smith (@shaunmsmith) about:
the virtual conference problem, prerecorded talks, pre-recording and cheating, the Drive-In Conf in bulgaria, the state of FN Java, building a scalable platform is harder than building the fn-project, lambdas and functions are starting to be used properly, migrating monolith to lambda functions, deploying a JAX-RS resource as a function, moving from Oracle Clouds to Core Java at Oracle Labs, product manager for GraalVM, Maxwell, Maxine and GraalVM, airhacks.fm episode: From Maxwell over Maxine to Graal VM, SubstrateVM and Truffle, from Java bytecode to machine code, COBOL, WebAssembly, PHP, Python, R, LLVM, WebAssembly on CloudFlare, Java annotations vs. Java annotation processing, mapping Java Persistence API (JPA) is ideas to Micronaut Data, Micronaut data is based on conventions, JPA based on defaults, micronaut data is similar to iBatis, small microservices become too expensive, you can serve a a few millions of customers with a single monolith, netflix monolith architecture, the overhead of kubernetes, Google Cloud Run, heroku-like service becomes popular again, Oracle Application Cloud Service, Google Cloud Run, mult-tier compilation for truffle, booting faster with GraalVM, Java Serialization with GraalVM, Java Espresso or running Java as foreign language on Java, Espresso interprets Java bytecode, GraalVM introduces resource constraints for byte code execution, GraalVM becomes a docker-like environment, GraalVM improves security guarantees, Java SecurityManager APIs on steroids with GraalVM, the gvisor project, WebLogic multi-tenancy features, GraalVM in Oracle Database, stored procedures in Oracle Database with GraalVM or Oracle Multilingual Engine|, GraalVM ships Java VisualVM, GraalVM Community Edition comes with the same license as openJDK, benchmark suite for the JVM, GraalVM CE should perform faster as openJDK, GraalVM EE is a lot faster than GraalVM CE, GraalVM consumes less resources, GraalVM comes with partial escape analysis, GraalVM comes with G1 garbage collector, GraalVM isolates is a nested JVM, GraalVM goes JVM-less, OpenJ9 vs. GraalVM performance, openJDK performance is competitive with openJ9, AuroraJVM on Oracle Database, Oracle Coherence GoldenGate HotCache and TopLink, running JPA backwards, debezium subscribes to XStream, GraalVM advisory board

Shaun Smith on twitter: @shaunmsmith

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