EDI, Java Batch, MicroProfile, JSON-API and OpenAPI


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An airhacks.fm conversation with Michael Edgar (@xlateio) about:
custom Pentium 100, a telnet based, MUD game, Vallhalla MUD, BBS was used to connect to the network, enjoying Apple 2 at school, enjoying Sonic Sega games, learning C-structures at collage, learning 68000 assembly, from Assembly to Visual Basic and Java, starting at an insurance company and learning EDI, X12 and EDIFACT in EDI universe, the fascination with EDI, the beginners mind and Java Connector Architectures, the EDI "hello, world", starting to understand COBOL, back to Java with WSAD and IBM WebSphere, using JDBC, Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP), using Java Batch processing (jbatch), using Java Batch DSL features, from WebSphere to Wildfly, misusing WildFly as Tomcat, from WildFly to MicroProfile using smallrye, JWT and OpenAPI committer, reusing Java Bean Validation as openAPI metadata, using jandex index for annotation scanning, smallrye OpenAPI already uses Bean Validation annotations, JSON API is used by Ember, JSON API is similar to odata, JSON-API is generated from JAX-RS, JPA and Bean Validation, JSON-API is used by EmberJs, xlate, RedHat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

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