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An airhacks.fm conversation with Mohamed Taman (@_tamanm) about:
AMD PC in 1997 with 200 MHz hot AMD, exploring the DOS and QuickBasic, drawing sceneries, photography as hobby, assembling PCs from parts, AS-400 and RPG, QBasic and C++ on Windows 3.11 and Windows 95, to shutdown windows you had to push the start, Windows Millenium Edition, equations in QBasic, starting with Java 1.1, the Sun Certified Java Programmer certification was hard to pass, impressed with Java, Java hides the low-level boilerplate for convenience, catching up with J2EE 1.4 and Java EE, building mazes with OpenGL and Java, working for Silicon Experts, staring with Sun Enterprise Server, later BEA WebLogic, recreating Struts from scratch, the problem with early EJB, working on JD Edwards, Oracle and Siebel integration, using ADF at Oracle, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle, starting at eFinance, efinance is private, but founded by the government, started a United Nations (UN) project for donations management, Java EE 7 with Glassfish was used as the stack, finding bugs in GlassFish, working with the latest versions in mission critical projects, presenting at JavaOne keynote, JBoss to quarkus migration on openshift, "Java EE: Future Is Now, But Is Not Evenly Distributed Yet" at JDD, scaling with hardware,

Mohamed Taman on twitter: @_tamanm

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