WTKA Roundtable 7/8/2021: No More Ululating


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Things discussed:

  • Craig tells a story about the one guy who could defend Adrian Dantley, Wayman Britt.
  • Caleb Houstan’s non three pointer game.
  • Big Ten Hoops-around: Is Michigan the favorite? Purdue has a ceiling of Williams, Ohio State lost Washington, Maryland got a PG and a C but lost their Ws.
  • The Wisconsin locker room, and what the hell, we just roll through the whole Big Ten.
  • Justice Finkley: Sam says Michigan got him up for their in-person evaluations and saw a Carlo Kemp not a Matt Judon, and shared that with Finkley, who wants to be an edge. We roundtable whether they should have taken him anyway.
  • In the break we talk about gefilte fish.
  • Shoelace and NIL. I was trying to build up to a point about NIL and then the guys started talking about giving Peppers love life advice and I lost my connection. My point though was that there are two NILs: paying the players through the loophole, and also there are all kinds of opportunities for players who aren’t major sport athletes, e.g. Naz or a volleyball player who has thoughts about videogames.

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