WTKA Roundtable 7/22/2021: Low-Rent Rendezvous


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Things discussed:

  • HAIL TO THE VICTORS 2021 is HAPPENING: Let’s get this funded today!
  • Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC?
  • Who leaked it? Mizzou and A&M possibly, since they seem to be hard no’s.
  • Are there two other No’s in the SEC? Florida/Georgia don’t want Bama in the East perhaps?
  • Seth’s plan: If Texas & Oklahoma go to the SEC the Big Ten’s only play is to combine with the Pac-12, rotate cross-country games, and play your pods every year, then play a championship at the Rose Bowl. Big Ten can send Nebraska to the West to even things out (and restore Nebraska-Colorado).
  • Craig: What about Toronto? We…can’t argue against it.
  • Duke? Their lawyers can get them out of the ACC.
  • Should academics/AAU membership play a role in Oklahoma to Big Ten? Seth: Hell no. That’s a legacy from the early 1900s when certain schools like Notre Dame had professional teams of players who weren’t enrolled at the school.
  • Seth talks about the Ticket Watch column from yesterday.

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