WTKA Roundtable 5/6/2021: A Bearskin Stuffed With Hamburger


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Things discussed:

  • NFL Draft: is Justin Fields a good draft pick? What we think of the Lions picks.
  • The trolling Michigan fans draft! Extensive talk on Melifonwu.
  • How did a team with 8 draft picks lose to one with none?
  • Did sitting out hurt or help? Will opt outs be part of college football in the future?
  • Which Michigan draftee does well?
  • This is the year Chris Evans catches a lot of passes.
  • Devonte’ Jones or Frankie for PG next year?
  • Jones can rebound—that’s a real skill. Crafty player.
  • Chris Solari: Emoni Bates will be a 2-year player at MSU because of his strong feelings for Tom Izzo :)
  • Around the Big Ten: who got better who got worse?
  • Liddell transfer? Uh, right. Has there ever been a more delusional fanbase than Illinois?
  • Softball talk.
  • Strauss Mann: why did he leave? Portillo gets some time, NHL might not like big netminders but AHL needs goalies and rarely can you get a guy like Mann without a draft pick.
  • 1991 What If: Derrick Alexander doesn’t get hurt? When the drop’s to Yale Van Dyne…

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