The Michigan Hockeycast 3.22: We'll Miss You, Mann


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With David Nasternak and Alex Drain

Segment 1: Ode to Strauss and some Baseball
  • Best Michigan goalie since?
  • Strauss Moments
  • When/where will he sign?
  • What Does It Mean For Michigan?
  • Baseball vs Illinois...lotsa hitting, not much pitching...and some wind
Segment 2: Michigan Softball Sweep and the NFL Draft
  • When was the last time PSU beat M?
  • Does this mean or change anything?
  • Alex and his Lions
  • David and the Jets
  • 8 Michigan players were drafted...we try to guess things
  • NHL on ESPN Theme
  • Graduation (Friends Forever) - Vitamin C
  • Ice Hockey (NES) theme

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