Gordon Beckham opens up about his White Sox career


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When Gordon Beckham was called up by the White Sox in 2009, it said in the newspaper "The savior is here." What was it like to play under such hype and expectations? Beckham speaks with Chuck Garfien and Ryan McGuffey about the pressure he faced from fans and Chicago media and how he grew from that experience. He talks about the popularity of his walkup song "Your Love" by the Outfield, gives his thoughts on the current White Sox team, and also announces his retirement from baseball here on the podcast.

(5:20) - Beckham's love of The Outfield and his famous walk-up song, "Your Love"

(9:25) - Beckham announces his retirement from baseball

(13:00) - Dealing with the pressure of being a top prospect and getting compared to Mitchell Trubisky

(30:25) - How organizations build teams now vs. when he was a young player

(37:15) - Beckham's final home run and hit came against the White Sox

(43:25) - Best memory playing in the majors

(51:28) - Thoughts on the current White Sox

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