Ep 45 | Extraordinary You Review: All The World's a Stage


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Kim and Maddie finally get around to their full review of Extraordinary You, a 2019 KDrama they started back in the spring, and tbh their heads still kind of hurt. They talk about Dan-oh's spunk, Ha-ru's innocence (but also his 12-pack LOL), and how the writers failed Baek Kyung. Other discussion points include: SLS for violin boy, trying to make sense of the ending, and some general appreciation for Lee Jae-wook (in shorts!!!!!) and the OST (My Beauty is a BOP iykyk).

Categories: Help ya girls out! (1:45), HI DIVE STUDIOS (4:35), The skinny (7:58), MVP's (11:57), Tenderest of moments (28:30), LOL's (44:25), The Hoo-joon Swoons (51:00), Spicy (58:32), Weenies (1:04:06), Thoughts on the ending (1:15:19), Jae-wook + Rowoon bromance appreciation (1:23:03), DM'ing Johnny Suh (1:29:01), What's next for SEOULMATES?? (1:32:01)

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