Ep 43 | KPopp'd: What up, JohFam?


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To ease back into the podcasting swing of things (or szn 2 as someone insists on thinking about it), Kim and Maddie decided to intro a new segment they are calling "KPopp'd" (no e, bc e's are EW), which will likely be chaotic and full of mini-rankings. In this first enstallment, they cover Maddie's conversion to all things Ten, Johnny + Mark 5ever, and Ateez. Other topics discussed include: Lucky One supremacy, Run BTS!, and Chen as Benny in the Korean ver. of 'In the Heights'?!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #dreamy (there is footy on YouTube kids!) They also make a last minute pitch for why Dive Studios should want their ~tAleNt~ (#bribriorbust).

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