Episode 158: Easy Meal Prep and Cooking Habits To Save Time with Jazz Leaf of Recipes 4 Health


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You are going to love this episode with Jazz Leaf of Recipes 4 Health! (PLUS: we're doing a giveaway together on Instagram!) Meal prep and cooking your meals is great because it can save you time and money, but it can also be super overwhelming if you're trying to fit it into an already jam packed schedule. Jazz is breaking it down for us with some easy habit hacks to make meal prep more managable and provides some simple cooking habits to make cooking fun, colorful and simple!


Jazz is a certified nutritional therapist practitioner, a private chef and a cooking class instructor! After working in the corporate world for 5 years, she transitioned into the health and wellness space to help educate people in the power of nutrition and how to prepare meals that helped nourish and replenish peoples bodies! For 3 years she worked in Indianapolis, Indiana as a private chef to a few of the Indiana Pacers. She is now bringing her knowledge in the kitchen to you though virtual cooking classes! Her style of teaching is relatable, comforting, easy to understand and fun. You can join her every month, virtually, as she shares some of her favorite simple and healthy recipes so you can feel confident cooking in the kitchen!



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