Episode 156: Simple and Flexible Meal Time Habits with Kids of All Ages with Ashley Smith of Veggies and Virtue


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Meal time can be a challenge with picky eater, having the actual time to make dinner and even the bandwidth to grocery shop and meal prep so those crazy evenings you're carpooling your kids around, you know you'll have healthy and easy options to pick from at home. Today's guest, Ashley Smith of the Veggies and Virtue Podcast, is sharing all the amazing tips on how to create flexible and simple meals and create healthy habits around food for kids (and adults) of all ages!


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Ashley Smith, MPH, RD, LD, is a Christian wife, mama of three littles, registered dietitian nutritionist, and owner of Veggies & Virtue. She is the host of a top ranked podcast for Nutrition, The Veggies & Virtue Podcast. Ashley equips moms with the know-hows they need and hacks they crave to find freedom, flexibility, and fun when feeding their families.



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