SHFL 101: Don't Stress! Understand the Stress Response instead!


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In this podcast episode, you will learn how and why you get stressed. You'll understand how situations trigger the Stress Response in you. I talk about the main threats to our physical health and wellbeing and also the many psychological threats that can cause you to feel stressed.
The stress response works in one of five different ways. These are fight, flight, freeze, fawn and faint. I also cover the role of the Amygdala and the Hypothalamus in responding to threats. Real physical changes occur in the brain and body and its good to know what these are.
You'll learn about the main psychological threats that can stress us out. These include threats to our self worth, relationship or financial security. Also how stress can leave you with feelings of helplessness, being powerless or out of control.
I finish off by explaining how to influence the stress response through your beliefs. This is fascinating stuff and explains how you can influence the automatic stress response over time.
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