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“Wrong” – II Samuel 12:1-7a, Acts 9:1-9

Sermon by Dr. George C. Anderson from Sunday, August 8, 2021. "We have to survive and we should seek to thrive in life, so of course we need to spend most of our time in a zone of rightness. We need to act on what we think we know, and we need to take stands about what we believe is moral, ethical, and important. But let’s remember to embrace the right kind of wrongness. Let’s stop making 'being right' the key to our value and identity as human beings so we can be less defensive, less ready to demonize and attack those who challenge us, more ready to consider data and reasons that might prove us wrong, more able to get out of our own way, and more ready to enjoy the adventure of life. For remember, because it makes us human, there is a certain rightness to being wrong."

Read the manuscript on our website: https://www.spres.org/wrong/

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