S4 E24: "The Garden of Goncharov (1973)"


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This week in our one-hundredth episode (!!!), we are mourning the very-real and very-permanent death of Mulder while we discuss “Gethsemane”! We’re talking the shocking Scully betrayal that shook the world, how it took them four entire seasons to reschedule this meeting, how they’re definitely ripping off Lord of the Rings, the betrayal boardroom, the continuing mystery of the missing Scully brother, and Scully not telling Bill Jr. she was dying because “It’s Personal”. Girl, what?! We’re talking Mulder continuing to bully old men, Margaret Scully having a ranking board of her family members, the group sleeping bag for the mountaineering crew, and Mulder and Bill Jr. hating each other’s guts on sight. Most important of all, course: The return of our man Scott Blevins!
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