Scrum 2020 with Kanban - What has changed?


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There is a new a new Scrum Guide out - version 2020.
What has changed for Scrum teams practicing Kanban?
Why is it a good idea to combine Scrum with Kanban?
In this video, Kanban (and Scrum) experts Daniel Vacanti and Andy Hiles talk about Scrum and Kanban and the changes regarding the Scrum Guide 2020 update with Jasper Alblas from Scrum Facilitators.
You can find out more about Daniel Vacanti here:
You can find out more about Anyd Hiles here:
More on the Scrum Facilitators here:
Here is the link to the Scrum Guide 2020 update:
Find the Kanban guide here:
The Kanban guide for Scrum Teams:
And last but not least, if you want to know more about Kanban visit:

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