Equipping the Saints Pt. 12


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Josh shares from Ephesians 6 today about some verses that can be hard to hear -- whether you are a child or a parent. Paul is encouraging the Ephesian church that life in Christ is not like the context in which they live where power dictates the relationship. Parents like to correct their children -- especially when they don't listen and obey. Children have a hard time listening to their parents if all they hear is correction. Perhaps if parents erred on the side of encouragement versus correction, our children would hear the correction for what it is. This week, let's step into encouragement and listening. Ephesians 6:1-9.

Josh shared three quotes today:

1) N. T. Wright: "We shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that because some families get it horribly wrong it isn't possible to get it right, at least some of the time. Just because the Garden grows weeds we shouldn't pave it over with concrete. Just because there are oppressive families, there's no reason to dismiss family life altogether. On the contrary. The reason the family can become a place of fear and bondage is because it is designed as the place of love, security, affirmation and new energy. The worst is the corruption of the best. As with marriage, so with family life, and attitudes to work, both from employer and employee. Are we so sure that we in the modern world have got it right that we are in a position to turn around and tell Paul he's got it wrong?"

2) William Barclay: "Here's a letter dated from 1 BC from a man called Hilarion to his wife Alis. He has gone to Alexandria, and he writes home on domestic affairs: 'Heartiest greetings to you and to my dear Berous and Apollonarion. Know that we are still even now in Alexandria. Do not worry if when all others return I remain in Alexandria. I beg and beseech of you to take care of the little child, and, as soon as we receive wages, I will send them to you. If -- good luck to you! -- you bear offspring, if it is a male, let It live; if it is a female, expose it. You told Aphrodisias, "Do not forget me." How can I forget you? I beg you therefore not to worry.' "

3) William Barclay: "The 18th century artist Benjamin West tells how he became a painter. One day, his mother went out leaving him in charge of his little sister, Sally. In his mother's absence, he discovered some bottles of colored ink and began to paint Sally's portrait. In doing so, he made a considerable mess of things with ink blots everywhere. His mother came back. She saw the mess but said nothing. She picked up the piece of paper, saw the drawing and said, 'Why, it's Sally!' And she stooped and kissed him. Afterwards, Benjamin West always used to say 'my mother's kiss made me a painter.' Encouragement did more than rebuke could ever do. As Paul sees it, children must honor their parents, and the parents must never discourage their children."

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