Risky Business #641 -- Lawsuit: Ransomware contributed to baby's death


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On this week’s show Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau discuss the week’s security news, including:

  • Group-IB CEO arrested in Russia for treason
  • Lawsuit alleges ransomware contributed to hospitalised baby’s death
  • Nakasone outs self as hound release advocate
  • Syniverse owned, but we don’t know how badly
  • Why Google keyword warrants are awesome
  • Much, much more…

Nucleus co-founder Scott Kuffer is this week’s sponsor guest and the topic is actually a bit hilarious. They’ve found a killer use case that customers are clamouring for: Being able to map vulnerabilities to org groups within your enterprise so you can see who’s slacking off when it comes to patching.

Links to everything that we discussed are below and you can follow Patrick or Adam on Twitter if that’s your thing.

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