Series 4, Episode 1: How to carry diversity and inclusion into 2021


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reWorked is the diversity and inclusion podcast which unpicks the fabric of working culture. We’re launching our fourth season with a special preview of the themes we think are going to be top of the agenda in 2021. From the health inequalities brought to light by Covid-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement, diversity and inclusion was never far from our minds in 2020. What have we learnt and what has changed?

In this Series 4 launch episode of reWorked, Rachael Wilson sets out what individuals can do in 2021 to build more inclusive work cultures and what organisations can do to progress their D&I agenda. It might be in the form of rolling out company-wide training in diversity and inclusion to your teams. It could be to become accredited in diversity. Or it might be simply taking a stance on equality through specialist guidance.

Listen to this episode to discover the range of priorities you can consider for 2021 and get in touch to explore how we can support you.

Learn more about the Diversity Development Standard and how your organisation can become accredited in D&I this year.

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