More Than Maslow's Need Hierarchy at Work


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Host Russel Lolacher revisits Maslow's Need Hierarchy. You remember that one, right? Well it actually gets a lot more interesting. One of the inspirations for Maslow's theory was in the time he spent with the Blackfoot First Nations for six weeks, and writer Teju Ravilochan has done an amazing job summarizing that research. In his article The Blackfoot Origins of Maslow's Need Hierarchy, I found another side to understanding needs and how it could apply to our relationship at work.
From this review, he'll highlight:

  • the difference in deficiency needs and growth need in the workplace
  • how the Blackfoot version of the hierarchy expands Maslow's theory and is as important if not more so.
  • ways in the two hierarchies can relate to relationships at work with employees and culture.
  • ways in which you can understand the needs of your organization so you can do something about it.

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