RL Finale! - Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition w. The Regrettable Century (Pt. 3)


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In the series finale of Red Library - A Political Education Podcast for Today's Left, we bring you a massive 3 part foray into the alchemical and esoteric labyrinth of Hegel and his relation to the Hermetic Tradition.

This is a spiritual sequel to The Enchantments of Mammon series and the most goth/magikal episode we have ever done so who better to join us than our podrades from The Regrettable Century? Pt. 2 has our Comrade in Christ™ and RIP Kevin™ leading up chapters on Hegel's early philosophical development and the Phenomenology of Spirit's relationship to Hermeticism.

It's been a hell of a ride and we are going out by turning that philosophical lead into gold the Red Library way (i.e. with meme references and live shitposting)!


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