S2 E2 - Holistic Health Part 1 - with Dr. Raymond Tolmos


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This episode is part one of my conversation with Dr. Raymond Tolmos. Dr. Ray has been my personal physician since 2016, and has helped me tremendously when it comes to improving and maximizing my health. Dr. Ray is the only chiropractic internist or DABCI in Miami Dade County, and only one of about 20 in the entire state of Florida. Dr. Ray elaborates on what a chiropractic internist is and I highlight his expertise to begin this episode.

In this first episode together, we touch on what a chiropractor is, the importance of blood work, types of anemia, misconceptions about cholesterol, the dangers of insulin resistance, and prostate health.

If you are serious about your health and you want to learn more about an alternative approach to holistic health, wellness, and traditional medicine, you’re absolutely going to benefit from the information provided throughout this conversation!

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