S1E91 - Beverly Robertson, Renee Malone, and Sherry Mackey


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Episode Notes

My guests include Beverly Robertson, President and CEO of the Memphis Chamber. She will talk about her challenges and high points leading the organization and what she sees in the future of our city. Renee Malone is a community treasure as President and founder of KQ Communications. She runs an award winning PR agency and says they pride themselves in doing things the 'KQ' way. She explains what that means for their success. When it comes to high energy perfection on the radio airways, Sherry Mackey from 95.7 Hallelujah FM surely comes to mind. She joins me to talk about her radio career and about a big conference event next weekend. It's ladies night on the next RTM, Monday 6-7pm on air and online. WYXR 91.7 FM, the YXR app, TuneIn, Facebook Live, YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.It's time to talk!

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