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It all started late one night when April was four years old, as she awoke, standing at the foot of her bed was her father. A father she loved, but had passed away several years before. This experience would seem to be the gateway and event that opened her mind and abilities to the paranormal. April would discover her abilities as a natural-born clairvoyant, remote viewer, automatic writer, ghost hunter and Shaman. She has investigated some of the most haunted places in the US and accurately relayed messages from the spirits who inhabit these haunted locations. Today we hear her story, on The Grave Talks.
Aprils Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IntuitiveApril
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Can a human being trap the soul of a spirit through a ritual or method?
How often are dreams not just our immigration running wild?
Are there dead bodies buried on the property of The Grave Talks studios?
Who are they, and do they linger here today?
What does the future hold for Harper of Real Ghost Stories Online?
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