Ghost Huntress | A Conversation With Shari DeBeneditti


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It all started with innocent creeks and cracks on the floorboards of her old childhood home late at night. Shari DeBeneditti knew that something was happening in and around her, but she didn’t fully understand what or even know what “paranormal” meant. Eventually, these experiences would escalate to such an extreme that it was undeniable that she was experiencing a haunting. A haunting that would eventually lead her on a lifelong journey to find answers and to help others who have found themselves paranormally affected. This is her story.
PART 2 - AVAILABLE TO GRAVE KEEPERS ONLY - LISTEN HERE In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

How often does Sheri think our hauntings are explainable by EMF or other real-world causes.
What was the first time Shari was privately investigating a case, that made her feel she was on the right path?
Has there ever been a time where Sheri felt truly fearful for her safety?

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