Dissecting The Dead | A Conversation With Elliott Van Dusen


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Since childhood, Elliott Van Dusen has been fascinated by the supernatural and law enforcement. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in criminology from Saint Mary's University. Having served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 15 years, he retired as a Corporal. Over the course of his career, he specialized in major crimes, including homicide, sex crimes, and drug enforcement. Currently, he serves as the Director of Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation. Today we learn about his research and experiences with the paranormal, on The Grave Talks.
PART 2 - AVAILABLE TO GRAVE KEEPERS ONLY - LISTEN HERE In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

What was happening in a Rhode Island home that shocked Elliott?
What personally happened to Elliot and his family when they encountered a demonic entity?
Has there ever been a time where Elliott felt that it may be time to walk away from the supernatural, for safety?
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