[Part 4] Student Stories & The Impact of Deliberate Practice


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In this episode, you will hear about how 2 students started to use Deliberate Practice in their language learning which allowed them to quickly overcome a challenge they had for YEARS with their speaking fluency and confidence. Hear Fortu and Eli's insightful stories and how they managed to finally feel comfortable and confident speaking in English.

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About this episode...

After living (and working) in Canada for 10 years, Eli was still not happy with his English.

Although he could communicate in everyday situations…

Whenever he had to talk with a client at work or participate in meetings, he got REALLY nervous.

Eli knew he made a lot of mistakes when he was speaking.

And he worried about what his colleagues, his boss and his clients would think about him.

He also knew that improving his English skills was essential to get to the next level with his career. And a friend recommended that he try taking lessons with Real English Conversations.

When Eli came to his first lesson with his teacher, he was so nervous his voice was shaking!

He explained that he had an important job as a business consultant and he needed to speak English very well and without mistakes.

Eli explained that he felt like he was constantly thinking about the next thing he had to say to avoid making mistakes. And then thinking about what he just said to try to figure out if it was correct!.

Clearly the problem was that he was making mistakes which made his English sound bad. To fix the problem, he needed a native speaker to correct him and to help him sound more natural.

But his teacher observed that his speaking was pretty good.

There was something else happening here…

You see, when he arrived in Canada 10 years ago, he didn’t know ANY English.

After attending an ESL school for 6 months that focused on grammar…

Eli decided to learn English on his own.

And he decided full immersion was the best way to learn.

Although he eventually reached an advanced level in English after several years of dedicated effort…

He constantly doubted his English.

He definitely recognized many mistakes on his own, but…

How many mistakes was he making that he didn’t know about?

The problem was that Eli did not have FEEDBACK from anyone that could tell him what he was doing right and what he needed to improve.

And as a result, he was feeling insecure and unconfident with his communication that left him constantly obsessing about speaking PERFECTLY.

The first focus in Eli’s one-to-one lessons was to help him overcome his obsession with speaking perfectly and not making mistakes. .

His teacher knew this would VERY QUICKLY improve his confidence and reduce his anxiety during meetings.

If Eli was less nervous, he would be able to think clearly to speak English better.

But also, he would be able to focus on what other people were saying in the meeting to give better responses.

Aside from working on mindset, his teacher also knew feedback was important.

Eli needed to see that his English was already good. And also to be aware of the areas to improve.

And this strategy worked!

Within just a few WEEKS, Eli solved a very uncomfortable problem that he had been struggling with for YEARS!

These days, Eli feels confident about his English and he is now able to attend ‘important meetings’ without fear and nervousness blocking his thinking.

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