Reliving The War Episode 52 - October 7th 1996


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WCW Nitro and WWF Raw go head to head in another battle of the Monday Night Wars. Ric Flair is scheduled to take on Macho Man Randy Savage in tonight's main event on Nitro, but a surprise from the nWo leaves WCW without a main event match. Chris Beniot does battle again with Rick Steiner in the semi-main spot, and Arn Anderson gets confident enough to attack Lex Luger during this episode of Nitro. Over on WWF Monday Night Raw, the "fake" Diesel wrestles a match with Marc Mero. Jim Cornette isn't very pleased that Vader has to earn a WWF Title shot after pinning Shawn Michaels last week, and our main event features Sycho Sid battling Vader.

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