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Yes, I stepped on to the scales, and yes I freaked out.
Even the most confident, strongest and self accepting individuals lose emotional control when they see the number on the scale. This is because diet culture is so deeply ingrained in our subconscious mind, that it sets off alarm bells.
Weight gain does NOT equivocate to fat gain and even if it does - SO WHAT?
There is more to life than your body shape, weight and size.
You gained a little fat - life goes on - IF you let it. You must be the one to let it. You gain nothing about being mad about what you see on the scale and you lose joy and time.
A scan on the other side can be useful to tell us information, water retention and muscle amount.
I am putting my scan out there to show you that there is MORE to your health than your weight and how to focus on other areas of health.
Nutritionist @laralivetolift dissects my body scan to give you a holistic view of your body and its indicators of health.
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