Unpacking The Fear of Receiving


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Fam, Im curious to know, how PRACTICED are you in receiving? How EMBODIED are you in receiving what you truly desire from other people?

AND how does it make you FEEL if you think about asking someone for what you really want?
There are SO many layers to receiving and to the feelings and stories that come up around asking for what you want in life

So today, in this juicy solo episode, I unpack all things receiving with you, as I share through my lived experience - including a story from my recent trip to Europe around me becoming even more embodied in, and practiced in my own receiving AND of course, how you can too!
In this episode I share:

Why were all scared to ask for what we want and how to DECONDITION from the fear of receiving

A receiving CHALLENGE that you can try to become more embodied in receiving!
A cheeky analogy around a realization I had come through from my most recent receiving story

地nd so much more
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