The Power of Owning Your Story


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There is one topic that I know so much more intimately than others and that is through my very REAL and very RAW lived experience of testing positive to the herpes virus.

For something that is so incredibly common, the herpes virus is also very stigmatized in society and my own experience of testing positive led me through one of the most painful yet completely TRANSFORMATIVE chapters of my life.

I now get deep, vulnerable, beautiful messages from courageous women - and men - from all around the world every single day, who share with me their story of going through this experience and how truly owning THEIR story has led to incredible BREAKTHROUGHS in their own lives.

I cant wait to dive in with you today and share some of these messages with you, as well as take you on my own journey of healing from the shame, trauma and stigma I experienced AND how I transformed this story into my own personal power!

In this episode I share:

DMs and emails Ive received from people OWNING their own story around the herpes virus

The deep journey of healing I went through to reclaim my power and my story
The ONE KEY REALIZATION that helped me to truly BREAK FREE from shame and trauma

地nd so much more

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