Being Polarizing AND Upholding Your Standards 🦋


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Fam, I just had to jump on the mic today and share this story with you from something I experienced earlier this week after sharing a particular post on my social media accounts. The post ended up being SO polarizing - which is something I did NOT expect - and it really made me stop and reflect on just how far I’ve come in terms of being a STAND for my VALUES. And what that really means to fully embody my standards each and every day.
I invite you today to listen in and think about what reflections you are seeing around you - are the people, things, habits, communities, behaviours and spaces around you a true reflection of YOUR own values? Do they align with what YOU stand for?
And if not, is there internal work that you need to do to truly be a Yes to Your Yes and a No to Your No?
In this episode I share:
🦋 The story of the post that polarized my audience and what I learned from the reactions
🦋 The practices and tools I use to keep grounded in my values
🦋 What it’s like to be so strongly ANCHORED in your own standards
…and so much more
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