Behind the Series: The Polybius Conspiracy


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Behind the Series is a short-run series about the shows previously featured on this very podcast: Showcase from Radiotopia. This week, we revisit The Polybius Conspiracy. Initially released in 2017, this seven-part series told the creepy story surrounding a mind-altering arcade game from the 1980s and the quest of protagonist Bobby Feldstein to find vindication for an alleged abduction and assault he linked to playing the mysterious Polybius. Four years later, producers Jon Frechette and Todd Luoto look back and offer thoughts about the show’s murky narrative—sharing how they crafted a documentary/fiction hybrid that paid homage to an urban legend and what they learned about audience expectations in the process.

Behind the Series is hosted, written, and produced by Mark Pagán. Executive producers are Audrey Mardavich and Julie Shapiro. Music from JD Samson and Blue Dot Sessions.

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