Yemen: Faces of a war


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As one of few reporters Johan-Mathias Sommarström got a chance to travel to both the South, government-controlled areas and the Houthi-controlled North. Hear the civilians on both sides of the war.
Its called the worst humanitarian disaster in the world. Very few journalists get a permit to visit the country, let alone a chance to visit both the government-controlled areas with the city of Aden in the South and big parts of Taiz, and the North, Houthi-controlled areas with the capital Sanaa and the other side of the city of Taiz. Meet the family with a house right on the frontline, the despair at a hospital with malnourished children and the man who puts his hope to a future where a wedding-party is a normal part of daily life again. Field producer: Ahmed Baider English speaking host: Bradley Secker

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