Radio Sweden Weekly: Tegnell on why Sweden is easing Covid restrictions now, despite Delta


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Also: a hot summer leaves some thirsting for A/C - what would be the environmental cost?
In our program this week . . . Sweden's state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell tells Radio Sweden what the reasoning was behind the latest decision to proceed with Sweden's reopening phase as planned, despite the growing proportion in some areas of Covid-19 cases concerning the Delta variant. A particularly hot summer in parts of Sweden has led some people to contemplate buying air conditioners. What would that mean for the climate? We speak to an expert. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs shares its plans to continue lifting travel advisories that were brought in due to the pandemic. This has to do with travel from Sweden. A Sweden-based researcher named Franziska shares how it felt to reunite with her parents, who live in France, after over a year of waiting due to the pandemic. In the intervening time, she had gotten pregnant and given birth. Reporter: Hagar Jemal Producer and presenter: Brett Ascarelli

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