Radio Sweden Weekly: How the pandemic has affected the border town of Strömstad


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We hear how Covid-19 restrictions have re-shaped life for families, workers, and others who live near the Norwegian border.
First, we hear how Sweden's Covid-19 restrictions nationwide are beginning to lift. We hear voices of cinema-goers, now that theaters can seat up to 50 people per screening, instead of 8. Then, we follow reporter Ulla Engberg to the border town of Strömstad, to hear how people during the last year have felt the effect of what is normally an invisible line between Sweden and Norway. We hear how restrictions have affected a thirteen-year-old girl there whose father lives in Norway. We also learn about the toll that the pandemic has taken on the economy of Strömstad, with a visit to a nearly empty supermarket, which used to be popular among Norwegians shopping for more variety and cheaper prices. Reporter: Ulla Engberg, Dave Russell, Frank Radosevich Producer: Brett Ascarelli

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