Radio Sweden Weekly: Anniversary of the first Covid-19 death in Sweden


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Populations suffering the most deaths. A family unable to say goodbye. Political analysis of statements by the Liberal and Center party leaders. Sweden chooses a national flower.
Today, Thursday March 11th, is exactly a year since the first person in Sweden died of Covid-19. Since then, the virus has claimed the lives of more than 13,000 other people in Sweden. In this week's podcast, learn about who was hit the hardest and where. We also hear from Ulrika Arousell, the manager of an elderly care home in Värmdö, about the devastating effect that Covid-19 had last year on residents and staff. Nicola Gapp shares her story about how restrictions kept her international family apart even when it was time to say a final goodbye. And we hear about a special election . . . as people vote for the national flower of Sweden, the only Nordic country yet to have one. Brett Ascarelli

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