Radio Sweden Weekly: More regions expand recommendations for face masks


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Authorities acknowledge that people are tired of living with restrictions but with a possible third wave lurking, they urge people to double down.
We review new regional and national restrictions to stem the spread of Covid-19 and also ask the authorities, including state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell and Leif Dotevall, regional medical officer at the department of communicable disease control in Västra Götaland, why they believe that compliance isn't higher regarding face mask recommendations. We also visit the storied Stockholm City Hall, best known as the site of the annual Nobel Prize banquet, that's lately served as a vaccination center. We hear from a boy who came down with Multisymptom Inflammatory Syndrome after contracting Covid-19. And we hear an otherwordly sound, the first ever audio recording made on Mars (or, is it?...). Brett Ascarelli, Reporters: Frank Radosevich Dave Russell Linnéa Wannefors

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