Radio Sweden Weekly: What the Prime Minister's surprise departure means for the Social Democrats


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Plus: Sweden's efforts to evacuate its people from Afghanistan; a taste of the movies in theaters this fall; a beloved children's author dies; a Paralympic swimmer describes competing in Tokyo.
This week: Sweden has evacuated some 900 people from Afghanistan so far, but it's getting down to the wire as the U.S.'s withdrawal date nears. Political scientist Nicholas Aylott analyses how the Prime Minister's unexpected plans to resign will affect the future of his party. An Iranian man in Stockholm, who is accused of murder and war crimes that took place in the late 1980s in a prison west of Tehran, is on trial. Nearly 30 Swedish movies will premier at theaters this autumn, ranging from documentaries about famous Swedes, movies about refugees and migration, and a film with a magical realistic flair. Gunilla Bergström, the author / illustrator of the much loved Alfons Åberg (translated as Alfie Atkins, in English) books, has died at the age of 79. Swimmer Lina Watz describes the feeling of competing at the Paralympics in Tokyo, when the stands are empty. Reporters: Frank Radosevich, Ulla Engberg, Dave Russell. Producer / presenter: Brett Ascarelli

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