Radio Sweden Weekly - top Green politician resigns, baking factory burns down and does Sweden need a sugar tax?


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The Swedish Cancer Society has called for a tax on soft drinks/sodas that contain sugar. Obesity affects cancer and Covid-19 too. Is it time for government action?
Obesity and overweight are huge problems, even in a country like Sweden that prides itself on its citizens' attitudes to exercise and eat healthy foods. Now a study shows that some soft drinks in Sweden contain three times the amount of sugar as in other countries. We hear why the Cancer Society wants a sugar tax, why a world-famous soda company doesn't and what a top obesity expert thinks. We'll also look back at the week's top stories such as the resignation of the Green Party's co-leader and government minister, the devastating effect of a burnt-down baking factory on a small northern town. Plus we'll find out if Sweden really is all that neat and tidy. Presenter: Keith Foster Producer: Frank Radosevich

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