Radio Sweden Weekly: A government rift, eased travel restrictions, and a bridge turns 20


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Some analysts believe a Green Party migration policy ultimatum this week could trigger an early election, but it's not clear who would benefit from such a shake-up.
And as Swedes got the all-clear to visit 14 countries in Europe, we headed to the airport to speak to travellers. We also hear from travel industry experts who describe the situation for Swedish tour operators and airlines as "catastrophic". Meanwhile, the limited opportunities to travel abroad coupled with the government's decision to ease domestic travel restrictions has meant that the rate of travel within Sweden has shot up. Now, some regions worry about an influx of visitors putting a strain on local health services. According to the latest figures from Sweden's Public Health Agency, published on Thursday July 2nd, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases has now reached 70,639. A total of 5,411 people diagnosed with Covid-19 have died in Sweden. At the same time, a new survey shows that Swedes are less worried about Covid-19 and a second wave of the pandemic than their Nordic neighbours. Finally, we head to the border for the 20-year anniversary of the Öresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark. At the outset, the bridge was regarded as a symbol for a borderless Europe and seen as holding out great potential for regenerating the area. Since then, a financial crisis, a refugee crisis and a pandemic have taken their toll on the Öresund region dream. Nathalie Rothschild: producer and presenter

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